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This is an app designed to lead you to the best within you. The spiritual journey of life is a journey in consciousness, and this community will help us all get there. You will find yourself in a safe, supportive space where we are all on the same boat - sailing towards an ever-expanding awareness, filled with love and purpose. Traveling to Consciousness is more than an app; it is devoted to helping you connect more with yourself and the world around you through the following features: Consciousness-evoking content, community events, access to akashic records readings, ad-free podcast episodes, digital courses and more!

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Consciousness in-habits all of us.

Traveling To Consciousness Podcast

Traveling to Consciousness is a podcast for curious souls. This is a place where you can learn how people like you have traveled to find their truths in reality. Learn how to stretch imagination to what is possible in reality, as you hear an uncut, uncensored, and raw conversation with Clayton as he sits down with guest leaders of the spirituality community to understand how they used consciousness and spirituality to manifest their unique human experience


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More Than 150 5-Star Reviews On Apple And Spotify

I’ve been listening to your other podcasts and I just couldn’t hold back to tell you that they’re so amazing🤗. I found each and every podcast so different yet the message is the same. I literally go into a different zone whenever I listen to it. Wow you are doing such an amazing thing 👏👏
This is such an amazing podcast! I'm always fascinated by consciousness, connection, and perspective and that is exactly what Clayton shares in this podcast. It opens your mind and heart, not just to other people, but also to understanding yourself better.
JermaineUnited States
Clayton does such a good job of brining in great speakers and getting the best interview out of them. Not only do I find the topics interesting, but I always feel like there's something I can take with me at the end of every episode.
Deep and thought-provoking conversations! I really appreciate Clayton's authentic & vulnerable perspectives. Listening to how others human mind's work and their own take on manifestation was amazing!


Traveling To Consciousness

Listen to the podcast today, and discover how you can use your own consciousness to manifest what you want in life. Learn how to extend the boundaries of your imagination beyond what you believe is possible in this physical realm.

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How It All Started

A Little Bit About Clayton And The Podcast

You may not believe me when I tell you this, but it is possible to have it all and still feel empty. For 4 years, Clayton, a software engineer, wrote state-of-the-art code for remotely piloted aircrafts. He lived in San Diego with 2 beaches within a 30 second walk of his house.

Clayton had been questioning his life from a young age, but this was different. Everyone commenting on how amazing his life was, but he didn’t feel it. It was as if people enjoyed hearing about it, more than Clayton enjoyed living it.

After facing many trials and tribulations with his mind, meditating, and 2 distinct psilocybin therapies, Clayton connected with himself. Well, at least he began to connect.

In connecting with himself, it showed him how to connect with others. It opened his eyes to pain and suffering in the world. He’s now on a mission to help rid the world of as much suffering as he possibly can, the only way he knows how – connecting with people.

Clayton began to record connected conversations with friends and the podcast was born.

Once realizing he was finding incredible depth in the conversations around spirituality and consciousness, he did a rebrand and Traveling To Consciousness was born.

He found that, although the world was telling him to edit his podcast, he had to listen to his intuition and bring forth a raw, uncut, uncensored podcast for the ages.

Listen to Clayton toe the line of chaos and order with his guests for a long form discussion / interview. Open minds only.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Proof of What Is Possible…

It all comes down to "WHAT DO YOU WANT!?". All of these and much more is possible, but you just need to know the process. I am here to offer you that process.

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Online Healing Trauma Digital Course

Find Your Life's Purpose Without Relying On Other People

We all have a purpose in life, but not knowing yours can leave you feeling helpless and unfulfilled. Clayton gives you the best tips he's learned from reading more than 37 Best-Selling books. This advice is coupled with his last 5 years of personal research and experience using the tips. This course will change you for the better. When you invest in yourself, the results are life-changing. Invest in yourself today! Note: This course, like all other courses, is available as a part of the 7th Density Conscious Monkey membership and cheaper to buy on the website!

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