My mission is to awaken the latent, internal power that is YOU!

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About Clayton

After a POWERFUL plant medicine therapy session, I quit my “perfect-safe” life as a software engineer without a plan. My only goal was to travel the world and start a podcast.

Petra, Jordan

The Great Pyramids

Rio, Brazil

These are only a few of the trips I’ve manifested since quitting my job.

Now, I teach spiritual individuals who know all the tools (meditation, journaling, vision boarding, etc) how to access the quantum field to experience synchronicities and miracles every day.

Wanna know a secret?

It’s a lot easier than people make it seem

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“Oh my G*d! Clayton! There’s a very strong possibility that our reading completely healed a physical injury that I’ve been struggling with since November.”

Five Star Review Rating

Want to learn how to quantum shift and create the life you’ve always desired?!

Quantum shifting: (verb) the act of shift into a new reality instantaneously

I work one-on-one with clients who have tried every manifestation technique to only get stuck again on how to utilize quantum shifting to manifest quicker and easier.

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Check Out My Book!

I wrote a book that delves into the secret, esoteric teachings of Jesus Christ, which have been lost to time and ignorance.

This resource is an exceptional tool to activate your inner power.

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As a spiritual individual, I’m sure you’ve heard the terms, “New Earth” or “humanity’s transition from 3D to 5D”.

This transition will require a spiritual political movement that serves The People and puts the needs of every soul on Mother Earth before that of the politician.

And no one else is doing it, so I decided to help lead the charge in bringing the New Earth frequency to politics.

Feeling called to join the movement?

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