Clayton Cuteri

Spiritual Life Coaching Program: Quantum Shift

Who would benefit from this coaching?

  • You believe in God (or Source) and want to learn how to communicate with Him/Her
  • You know that this reality is not the ultimate Reality
  • You want breakthroughs, synchronicities, and miracles every day, but can’t find them
  • You want to know yourself at the deepest level but feel like you’re pushing against a brick wall
  • You want to find the Real Power that lives within yourself and push yourself to grow
  • You want to fulfill your mission and reach your highest potential here on Earth
  • You want to level up faster and learn how to quantum shift through your energetic blocks
  • You have all the tools (journaling, EFT tapping, meditating, somatic healing, channeling, etc.), but feel like you’re not making progress or it could be faster
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“Oh my G*d! Clayton! There’s a very strong possibility that our reading completely healed a physical injury that I’ve been struggling with since November.”

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What is a Quantum Shift?

A quantum shift, sometimes called a quantum jump, is a term that's often used, but what does it really mean?

It depends on who you ask.

Quantum shifting can be a confusing term because it often describes different things.

The way I’m using it is to define the ability to shift or shift into a new reality instantaneously. This is achieved by becoming aware of the energies that are within and around you, and then using that awareness you shift into a reality you truly desire.

My goal is to teach you how to become aware and then shift - this can happen in a single moment. And you will likely shift in our very first meeting.

With quantum shifting, you can:

  • Become more financially abundant
  • Heal your relationships
  • Improve your health and well-being
  • Live your dream life
  • Find your purpose and live your mission
  • Find peace and bliss in every moment
  • Experience miracles and synchronicities daily

My spiritual life coaching program is designed to help you connect with your true self, understand the energies that are within you, and learn how to quantum shift to the reality you desire.

And the most beautiful thing!?

Once you understand the subtle energies

inside and around you,

you’ll never need another coach again.

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“My desire to help others has only blossomed even more since our talk.”

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Executing The Vision

How Will You Teach Me To Quantum Shift?

At this point in your life, you have likely noticed energetic patterns emerging. You’ll see this in the form of questions you ask yourself, “Why does this keep happening to me?” Or, “Why does every time _________ happen, I feel __________ ?”

Events like this happen every day, yet it’s usually only the patterns that emerge over a couple of years that we are aware of in our lives. To quantum shift, we need to become aware of the ones that are happening every day. So what is quantum shifting?

Quantum shifting is a dance of two things, energy and awareness.

The current understanding in Western material science is that everything is energy; more specifically, everything is atoms vibrating at different rates. That includes you and me. That also includes every experience we have ever experienced.

Thus, your reality is a reflection of the vibration of atoms. If you do nothing to change, you’ll stay in the same reality.

This leads us to the second item; awareness. To shift, you must become intimately aware of the energies that you are experiencing in life. Once you become aware, you can then choose to shift into a new reality at a quantum level.

I know, this sounds too good to be true, but yes! It is literally that simple.

Honestly, just knowing this, you may have a breakthrough and be able to quantum shift. If you did, shoot me a DM on IG and say, “Energy and awareness”.

If you didn’t that’s okay! I promise it will still be simple for you if we decide to work together.

The goal of us working together is for me to take you through a three (3) phase process that will teach you how to become a master of the quantum realm.

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“Opportunities are happening, and even relationships are changing in such a small timeframe. All for the better!!”

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Executing The Vision

What Are The 3 Phases?

In order to learn to shift, one must understand what it takes to shift - and it’s A LOT more simple than one may think.

Phase 1: Pattern Awareness

Since birth, all of us have been programmed by our parents, our friends, and our society. Most of these programs were written in our subconscious between the ages of 0 and 7.

Our first phase will be learning how to become intimately aware of what thoughts of yours are programs and which are of your true Divine Self. And once you become aware of the difference between the two, we will move on to Phase 2.

Phase 2: Understanding Spiritual Tools

I know you have the tools; meditation, journaling, praying, somatics, EFT tapping, affirmations, vision boards, and likely many more. And if you’re like me, you may be in a trap of believing that the next tool you learn, will be the one that fixes you.

In the second phase, we will focus on how to properly use each of these tools to get the maximum effect of each, and even combine them! This leads us to the third phase.

Phase 3: Shifting Patterns with Spiritual Tools

In Phase 3, you will learn how to combine the first two phases to experience synchronicities and miracles every day. I’ll show you how you can REDUCE the time you use each of these tools each day! This will give you more time to truly enjoy your time here on Earth and help others to the best of your ability. Everyone wins!

The simplicity of this program will save you YEARS in this life trying to figure out your current block and shift to clear it, and the next block and the next shift to clear it.

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“On the surface it seems that nothing is happening, but the layers underneath are changing. It’s all so interesting.”

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How Long Will It Take To Cover All Phases?

It will take a minimum of 3 months.

“But Clayton, you said I’ll have the awareness to shift in one session!?“

You will, but this is where time comes into the equation.

In the weeks following our first meeting, the Universe will test your resolve. It will put challenges in your path to see if you truly want the reality you claim you want to shift into - actions speak louder than words.

So Reality tests you. And with these tests, new energies will come to the surface within yourself. It’s like a Russian nesting doll, when you open up one, a new one is waiting for you under the surface. My goal is to guide you into understanding the subtle differences in these energies that you are experiencing. This is why we need a minimum of 3 months.

With this said, I DO NOT want to work with you forever. I want to empower you. I want to guide you to have the Wisdom of the subtle energies within you.

Because of this, I have set a limit on how long we can work together. Our time limit is a maximum of 9 months. If at 9 months you still feel like you “need to work with me”, it is likely due to a fear that you can’t do it on your own. Which is why you must do it on your own.

This is why I am the

“last coach you’ll ever need”.

After our time together,

The Universal energy (Spirit/God)

will become your coach.

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“Since working with [Clayton], my life has improved 120%. I’m in a very different place…”

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How Much Will It Cost?

$445.59 / month

If you’ve read this far it means that you feel called to work with me.

And if once you read that number, you felt fear or tightness in your body and thought, “Wow that’s a lot!!” Then I can confidently tell you that this is your first test in us working together.

It’s likely that you give money power over you in life.

I say this because I unconsciously did this for a long time. I thought freedom was in getting more money. Spoiler alert: it’s not!

It is likely you have a subconscious belief that money will provide you safety and that having more money leads to freedom. This is not the ultimate Truth and this is not the ultimate freedom we all seek.

How many times have you heard billionaires say, “I’d give it all up to be in my 20s again”? This is because their life was controlled by money. Then once they got more money than they knew what to do with, they realized that money is not what they really wanted.

So if at some level, you hold a belief that money is tied to freedom AND you’re willing to do what you fear to grow, keep reading.

Making this investment in yourself does a few things:

  1. It communicates with God/Source/Spirit that you fully trust that He/She/It will provide for you
  2. It challenges you to grow and step into things you fear
    1. Quantum shifting is NOT for those who seek comfort. Saying “YES” to working together will require you to do things you fear, which in turn will make you grow into the person you’re meant to be in this life.
    2. Therefore, if you’re unwilling to do whatever it takes to go, we will NOT be a good fit for each other.
  3. On a physical level, it tells me that you are committed to growth. On an energetic, quantum level, it creates a connection between us that will enable you to become attuned to me so that the words I use make sense at a soul level for you to become a quantum-shifting master.

If you’re ready to push through fear

and you’re committed to

investing in yourself $445.59 / month,

then click the link below

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“I can’t wait to tell you about the exercise you gave me…half way [sic] through, I just started crying and couldn’t stop because I was SO grateful for those things…then, I went and had such a wonderful day…I’m planning on making this part of every morning. So I just wanted to say thank you and I am so grateful for you 🙏❤️”

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Why Do I Have To Apply?

Like most things, there is a physical and a meta-physical answer to this question.

On a physical level, I need to make sure that I can teach you to quantum shift and I need to make sure that you are ready to work with me. The LAST thing that I want, is to take your money (your energy) and not be able to help you.

This leads me to the meta-physical answer. A spiritual mentor-mentee relationship is a very sacred relationship. By saying yes to you and saying yes to your money (energy), I am agreeing to take on your energy at a soul / quantum level. I must protect my energy so that I am not taking on more than I can handle.

With that said, if I never reach out, please do not take that as a judgment on who you are. I know that you are an incredible soul created in God’s image. And I have love for you - yes, even though we have never met.

So, why didn’t I reach out? It could mean a couple of things.

It could mean that there is a spiritual coach out there who is EVEN MORE ALIGNED with you. It could mean that you are not yet ready to work with me. Or could mean something completely different.

So, if you apply, and don’t hear back, consider applying again in the future! Why?

Things shift.


Hear from Former Quantum Students

Sandy: “Since working with [Clayton], my life has improved 120%. I’m in a very different place…

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limited space

Apply Soon!

As I mentioned, I need to be conscious of my energy.

To do so, I cannot work with everyone who applies. I also need to limit how many people I work with at once so that my full attention is on those whom I am serving at any given time.

Because of this, there are only 12 spots available.

Once those are full, I will stop taking on more clients until people graduate!

However, you will still be able to apply and this is encouraged because I will consider applicants based on two criteria:

  1. When they applied, and
  2. How much energy I feel when reading your application.

The price will significantly increase every 6-9 months as Source guides me. And I will never increase the price you’re while we are working together.

Furthermore, pricing is locked in from the moment you complete your application.

This means that you will be locked into the price you see above and the price that you say “yes” to on your application.

This is the cheapest it will ever be!

Apply now.

quick recap

What Is All Included?

  1. 2x One-Hour Meetings per Month
    1. You will meet with me, Clayton, 2x per month for one hour. This will last for as long as you are an enrolled quantum-shifting student.
  2. Shifting Exercises
    1. Exercises that are personalized to help you quantum shift within minutes
  3. Exclusive Facebook group
    1. You will have access to an exclusive Facebook group of current and past quantum shifters - FOR LIFE!
    2. You will be able to ask questions of other students and alumni to get feedback on challenges you may be encountering.
  4. Personally Message Clayton
    1. You will get access to my personal Voxer where I will respond within 24 hours to any immediate issues or questions.
    2. This will only be available while you’re an enrolled student in the quantum shift program.

I look forward to being

the last coach you will ever need!

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